An Overview of Remy Hair Extensions: It’s Time to Make the Switch



There are three ways to tell if Remy hair is authentic or not. First is the cost; Remy hair is expensive so if it priced cheaply, you should be suspicious. Second, Remy hair has a lighter color at the bottom than at the top, which indicates that all the cuticles are in running in the same direction. Third, Remy hair should feel smooth if you run the hair between your fingers downwards and rough if you run your fingers in the opposite direction.

Remy hair applications

Remy hair can be matched to almost any hair texture. The aligned cuticles prevent the hair from tangling and keep it strong and shiny, so you can go about your normal activities without having to worry about damaging your hair extensions; you can swim with it, wash it with regular shampoo, and use different hair products for it.


About Virgin Hair Fixx

Lathon Harney has over 10 years of customer service and management experience. Not only will you be working with someone who is passionate and outgoing, but someone who is motivated to help you get the most out of your investment. Our company rep has mastered the ability to assist you the right way the first time. With his training and knowledge you will always gain confidence knowing that you have been fixed up with all that you are looking for. He is responsible for solving any issues and any problems that you might have. In addition you can trust that all orders will be properly processed for your pleasure.

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