The Advantages of Using Malaysian Hair Weaves


There are many types of hair extensions available to women, providing them nearly limitless options to change hairdos and attain hairstyles normally unattainable through natural growth. However, most hair extensions have limitations to them, and some are even damaging to the wearer’s natural hair. Of the many extension types, the Malaysian hair weave is perhaps the safest to use, and it boasts a number of advantages that other extensions can only dream of.

Malaysian hair weaves are attached to the wearer’s head by weaving the pieces along with natural hair. Most other extensions are glued, clipped, or waxed near the wearer’s scalp, and such rough treatments can lead to natural hair damage and hair loss over time. Malaysian hair weaves, on the other hand, cause little harm since they aren’t coarsely attached to the wearer’s hair.

There are more advantages to using Malaysian hair weaves other than its non-intrusive attachment method. Since the extensions are interwoven along with the wearer’s real hair, the weave lays flat and seamlessly blends in—other extensions tend to puff and stand out from natural hair, giving themselves away. Additionally, wearers can opt to wear colored Malaysian hair weaves to add highlights to their own hair without subjecting their entire head to hair dyeing.


About Virgin Hair Fixx

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