How to Grow Hair Out Faster


The year 2013 produced some of the edgiest haircuts and styles for the modern woman. Celebrities like Anna Hathaway, Halle Berry and various commercial models truly influenced these trends. The pixie cut, the side shave and the pompadour (faux hawk) are among those which American women boldly wore for that hip, rock chic look.

However, not all of these choices worked out for some—some even turn out as utter nightmares. One of the best solutions to a hair-raising disaster is simply to grow hair out, but it can be extremely difficult (and unattractive) to grow out natural hair. Fortunately, there are various tips and tricks that can be done during the grueling process.

Virgin hair weave and extensions

The easiest way to hide unsightly growing hair is through weaves and extensions. Not only do these tricks conceal, but they also protect your growing mane and allow them to grow faster.

Conditioning and special treatment products

Hair relies on sebum—the natural oil in the scalp—for nourishment and promotion of growth. Hair care products, especially those with keratin, provide moisture and protective treatment, giving hair that much needed extra help as it grows.

Food and vitamins

Intake of protein-rich food and vitamins like biotin help in hair growth as well. These intakes enhance the essential structure and general health of hair.

hair-raising disaster


About Virgin Hair Fixx

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