Taking Care of Your Remy Hair Weave


These days, having long, beautiful hair no longer means growing it out for months. With a trip to your favorite salon, your stylist can attach and weave hair extensions to it, instantly adding length. Weaves no longer have to be constantly redone, either, thanks to hair sturdy extensions that are cut directly from the scalp so their cuticles are intact and facing a single direction. These extensions are popularly called remy hair.

That being said, even remy hair weaves need your TLC to keep them looking beautiful longer. Below are a few quick tips to help maintain them:

In the Shower

Always brush your hair prior to showering to prevent breakage and tangling when your hair gets wet. Use a quarter-sized amount of shampoo and lather it gently to the extensions so they won’t unravel. Use lukewarm water to rinse the suds, and finish with cold water to close up the hair cuticles.

Don’t Forget to Condition

Remy extensions may look and feel like normal hair, but they don’t get the natural oil your real hair does from your scalp. Condition your hair every three to four days with a low-pH, highly moisturizing conditioner.

Care When Swimming

Before taking a dip, spray a leave-in conditioner to protect your extensions; after swimming, shampoo and condition them immediately since chlorine or salt water can cause remy hair to tangle. Even better, wear a latex swim cap to limit your hair’s exposure to the water.


About Virgin Hair Fixx

Lathon Harney has over 10 years of customer service and management experience. Not only will you be working with someone who is passionate and outgoing, but someone who is motivated to help you get the most out of your investment. Our company rep has mastered the ability to assist you the right way the first time. With his training and knowledge you will always gain confidence knowing that you have been fixed up with all that you are looking for. He is responsible for solving any issues and any problems that you might have. In addition you can trust that all orders will be properly processed for your pleasure.

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