Tips When Buying Virgin Malaysian Hair


When it comes to hair extensions—as with anything else—you often get what you pay for. While you might get synthetic ones for a bargain price, they often look nothing like natural hair and deteriorate quickly. If you’re looking for the highest quality extensions, look no further than virgin Malaysian hair. A hair extension is called ‘virgin’ if it is cut directly from a donor and undergo no treatment whatsoever.

Of course, many retailers offer virgin hair but not all of them sell the real deal. So, how do you spot the real from the fake?

Always Buy from Trusted Sources

If hair is being sold out of a van, the chances of it being virgin are close to nil. Read online reviews to help you find the reliable retailers; the best ones will gladly send you a sample so you can evaluate their product.

It Must Behave Naturally

Virgin hair is real hair, so it shouldn’t behave differently from your own locks. Does it curl up or become wavy when wet? Even straight hair will have some sort of wave when it gets wet.

Little Flaws are Vouchers of Authenticity

You might not think it, but a few grey hairs or split ends are actually a good thing when it comes to virgin hair—it means the hair was harvested from an actual person. If virgin hair looks too perfect to be real, it probably isn’t.


About Virgin Hair Fixx

Lathon Harney has over 10 years of customer service and management experience. Not only will you be working with someone who is passionate and outgoing, but someone who is motivated to help you get the most out of your investment. Our company rep has mastered the ability to assist you the right way the first time. With his training and knowledge you will always gain confidence knowing that you have been fixed up with all that you are looking for. He is responsible for solving any issues and any problems that you might have. In addition you can trust that all orders will be properly processed for your pleasure.

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